* EDR March #12 2020 A Helicopter Flew Near My House

0:03 The second generation Zig Zag Walking Man passed.
0:11 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
0:16 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
0:49 The woman who walked a stroller had passed for the first time since December 15th.
0:58 An unfamiliar car appeared.
1:08 The white truck had appeared since last December.
1:17 N.H. and her friend appeared and averted their faces.
1:29 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
1:31 An unknown woman who walked a Shibainu appeared and averted her face.
1:37 The woman appeared and smiled.
1:45 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
2:51 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
3:23 A helicopter flew near my house.
4:06 S.F.’s wife passed.
4:11 Tamato Umyu’s truck passed.
4:17 The O’s car made two round trip in a short time.
4:31 Marui Energy’s truck passed.
4:45 An unknown couple passed.
4:58 N.N.couple passed.
5:04 N.N.couple passed again.
5:09 The second generation Zig Zag Walking Man passed again.

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