The Harassment I Was Receiving At The Post Office

 I used to work part-time as a mail carrier at the Ome Post Office in Tokyo. There, I was harassed by many people.
 The kind of harassment I was subjected to was “surveillance. Someone would come out and take a glance at me and walk away, or say “good work” to me. People who don’t usually greet me persistently came out to greet me, and people who I didn’t know why they were there in the first place appeared one after another.
 When I say the damage which only glances or greets me, it may be said, “Isn’t it too much thinking? It is regrettable, but it is not possible to leave evidence because it was not frightened. It can be said to be quite advanced harassment. They are accustomed to such a thing.
 Because it is thought that it is hard to understand when it is said, “It is only seen,” please image “It was ignored from a lot of people in a workplace and a school. The person who is being watched may feel very uneasy, but when a third party sees the scene, it does not look like any harassment or crime is occurring. Being “surveilled” is the opposite of being ignored and stalked. It means that no one will believe the victim’s claims. The psychological pressure of such harassment was used to force me to resign, for example.
 Post office workers have always had the know-how to monitor and follow people.
 The general public is not familiar with this, but when the post office was purely state-run, there were people called postal inspectors. They cracked down on crimes within the post office, such as embezzlement and theft by window clerks, mail disposal and concealment by mail carriers, and other violations of postal laws. They have the power to investigate and arrest, and some of their staff members have been arrested so far, which can be seen on the Internet. The Postal Inspectorate was abolished after the privatization of Japan Post, but it seems that they are still keeping a close eye on employee fraud.
 In other words, they may not have the power to investigate, but they do have the power to investigate. In fact, I saw a group of people who looked like this huddled in a corner of the bureau, sorting mail, but I also saw them “working outside” in cars and motorcycles.
 In addition to these people, there were also people who obeyed orders from above who were involved in the harassment. Those who were close to me were never harassed.
 I once had a self-inflicted accident during a delivery. As a penalty for the accident, they make you deliver on a bicycle for a week, but I was the only one who had to deliver deliveries for five weeks. I had a knee injury, and thanks to that, the wound did not heal well. Doesn’t the post office call this “power harassment”?
 In other words, I think they were trying to induce me to abandon and conceal mail in disgust because having me deliver bicycles for a long period of time takes more time than usual. They want to induce me to violate the postal law (abandoning and concealing mail).
 I was made to write an accident report to be sent to the branch office. The cause of the accident was that I was distracted by the fact that my bag, which I use during deliveries, naturally opens, but my supervisor showed me a piece of paper and said, “Write it just like this one,” and forced me to write an accident report without mentioning my bag.
 When I changed my clothes, I intentionally left my locker open. When I changed, I deliberately left my locker open so that I could change, and a person who appeared to be an inspector walked past the locker and looked at me closely. I waited for him to finish changing, but he was busy taking the contents of his locker in and out, pretending to be changing. He kept looking at me as he pretended to change.
 In other words, post offices need to create “bad guys” in order to make the existence of the people who are responsible for monitoring the employees clear. I was convinced of this after being monitored for a long time. As has been reported in the news recently, the labor cost of white-collar workers is normally unnecessary.
 There was a training session before I was hired. There was a training session before I was hired, where the instructors gave me strict but good guidance, and I thought of going into the job with high aspirations, but everything was shattered. Those people were just saying pretty things, too.
 On my off-duty day, I brought in my resignation letter. When I approached my supervisor, the manager, he laughed and said, “What’s the matter, all of a sudden? So I asked him to read me a letter called “Statement of Reasons for Resignation” on the spot. After about a month of employment, I realized that I was being monitored. Because of this, I developed an illness called adjustment disorder and had to go to the hospital and take medication. The letter says, “Our relationship of trust has broken down and I am unable to perform my duties any longer, so I am resigning.
 The director asked, “Are you still taking your medication? “Are you still going to the hospital? I replied. He did not confirm or deny the surveillance. The manager’s cell phone rang, and he seemed to have some business to attend to. I took my leave and went to work on the last day, but the manager and the other “main cast members” were not there, so another manager did the paperwork and I resigned.
 The reason I decided to go public is because I hold a grudge. I am now at a different workplace, but I am being harassed the same way there, and I even feel my life is in danger. I don’t want to lose my life, but I wanted to make people aware of the dangers of having people who do such terrible things blending into our daily lives without a care in the world. As I have written in this blog, people seem to lose their sense of guilt when they are harassed by a group of people.
 I stopped using the postal service because I was worried about how my personal information was being handled by the organization that had these people. One of them is the discontinuation of New Year’s cards. It’s creepy to think that they might be keeping track of my friendships. However, as far as the letter delivery business is concerned, it is a monopoly of Japan Post, and it is a pity that there is no alternative office.
 However, you should know that there are also many people who are genuinely working hard in the field. Even though it’s a job, it’s hard to deliver mail in the rain or wind while protecting it.
 Anger disappears when you sleep, but resentment does not disappear until it is cleared. I am full of resentment.
● A postal vehicle was stopped for 7 minutes with the engine turned on. (Stopped for 3.5 minutes, changed direction, 3.5 minutes again)

● Cars going back and forth in a short period of time / Cars leaving without delivering / Odd behavior of the delivery person, etc.


To tell the truth, I had been aware of the existence of a “special unit” within the Gakkai that was conducting surveillance and tailing. It was the one that provided detailed data on anti-Society forces, including journalists who wrote anti-Society articles. (P147)

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