* EDR March #19 2022 People checking purchase price

1255 Police vehicle passed.
1322 Marui Energy’s vehicle passed by.
1353 Strange men and women passed by, but for some reason they were aware of the camera.
1408 A white helicopter flew nearby.
* A new construction seemed to start in the neighborhood.
* This man had one pack of eggs in his basket.
* The woman in green approached me as I was heading to the checkout and I backed away a bit.
* During checkout, a woman approached me to pick up a cardboard box. Here she checked amount of my purchase.
* She smiled as she walked away, passed right in front of me, and left in a black Hilux with Izu license plates.
* The man who had a pack of eggs ended up leaving without buying anything.
* The neighborhood landscaping site, although no sound was heard.

I suffer from physical ailments
caused by being irradiated with something day and night.
U.S. embassy staff and CIA employees have been complaining
of what they believe to be electromagnetic wave attacks
in several countries around the world.
Japan government should resolve this situation
as soon as possible.

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