* EDR October #1_#3 2022 Today’s Stalkers

Oct. 1st
0057 Ito police vehicle passed.
0837 Two of a family of three strangers pass by.
1509 A strange man and woman pass by.
Oct. 2nd
1008 A woman with bright hair with a miniature schnauzer passes by.
1032 A stranger passes by, pulling a carry-on bag.
1310 A man with thinning hair passes by on a bicycle.
1310-1710 A man with thin hair passes on foot.
1741 Ito police vehicle passed.
Oct. 3rd
0133 Ito police vehicle passed.
0736 A sivler car passed.
0736-0738 A sivler car passed.
0736-0738-0744 A sivler car passed.
0736-0738-0744-747 A sivler car passed.
1143 Ito police vehicle passed.
* A car stopped unnaturally in front of us and ambushed me.
* A black car coming from ahead suddenly stopped.
* Ahead of me, a woman walked to my destination on foot.
I suffer from physical ailments caused by being irradiated with something day and night. U.S. embassy staff and CIA employees have been complaining of what they believe to be electromagnetic wave attacks in several countries around the world. Japan should resolve this situation as soon as possible.
#Gang stalking is real.

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