* EDR April #25 2020 People Who Won’t Refrain From Behaving

0:03 The restless man passed and wouldn’t act anything, but staring at the camera.
0:23 An unknown man passed.
0:30 An unknown man ran through in front of my house.
0:34 An unknown couple with a Shibainu hang about.
0:47 An unknown man passed.
0:52 The 2nd generation Zig Zag Walking Man and a woman passed.
1:04 An unknown woman passed.
1:09 An unknown man passed by bicycle.
1:15 The man passed again.
1:16 A man riding a bike walked a dog and a woman weaing glasses passed.
1:24 A woman and three dogs passed.
1:33 The woman weaing glasses passed again.
1:38 A man ran through in front of my house.
1:44 A man did again.
1:50 The woman weaing a black rimmed glasses and a dog passed.
Night and day, I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubious noise.

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