* EDR March #15 2020 Dubious cars and people appeared

0:03 Miniature Schnauzer and a couple passed.
0:29 N.H., her friend and an unknown couple appeared and talked in front of my house.
0:55 The couple averted their faces and passed.
1:00 When I went outside, unknown cars passed by my place.
1:32 My neighbor O passed by bike.
1:50 Unknown people glanced at the camera and passed by my house.
2:20 The O’s person passed by bicycle.
2:25 My neighbor O made a noise.
2:43 When I was outside, unfamiliar white Pajero passed.
2:54 Yamato Transport Co.,ltd’s truck passed.
2:59 Airplane’s noise sounded.
3:05 Unknown people passed.

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