* EDR April #10 2021 Man Stalked Me On the Way To Home

0:06 A man stepped in between me and the bus information board. The man seemed to be checking the bus stop’s timetable.
0:22 The man pretended to move left and right in front of me, but he also checked my reflection in the glass.
0:55 The man got off with the woman at my stop.
1:09 I was planning to go home from the direction the man was pointing, but I took another exit. 8:56 a.m. I arrived at the parking lot of my bike and saw the man looking at me.
1:23 An unfamiliar white Mercedes Benz was parked at an intersection near my house. This car had passed in front of my house just before.
1:34 Today’s construction site Part 1
1:39 A helicopter flew nearby, but I couldn’t see its shadow.
1:45 Today’s construction site #2 was the house with a blue car.
2:53 Today’s commercial vehicles
3:08 I, a gardener, showed up at the house across the street, but left after about four minutes.

Night and day, I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubious noise.

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