* EDR June #29 2020 Street Theater

 This morning, the checker was M. I was preparing the opening work of the store, so I couldn’t finish my job. M was preparing something.

I couldn’t finish my work soon and had taken a rest at near noon. I came the workplace in the early morning and I couldn’t spend for my rest so much.

0:02 The car that had strangely moved on August 3rd of 2018 appeared.
0:34 A woman in yellow passed.
0:40 The man acted a small play in front of the camera.
0:52 Marui Energy’s car passed.
0:54 M who was charged of the checker entered the lounge and soon left there.
1:00 Yamato Transport’s truck passed.
1:06 The man pointed to something on purpose.
1:16 Mr. and Mrs. M talked loudly in front of my house.
1:31 An illegal modified car passed.

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