* EDR March #9 2020 Some People Threw Garbage Away

0:03 An unfamiliar man passed.
0:12 The woman wearing glasses and a hat passed.
0:17 The woman wearing glasses and a hat passed again.
0:22 A woman threw garbage away.
0:34 Shoei Denki’s truck made a round trip in three minutes. The car appeared the day before yesterday.
0:43 The straw hat man and a Golden Retriver passed and threw garbafe away.
0:56 A light plane’s noise sounded.
1:04 An unknown man passed.
1:13 An unknown woman had passed.
1:17 The management company’s car made a round trip.
1:26 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
1:49 The O’s car made a round trip within a minute.
Not only at night but in the daytime, I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by dubious tone.

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