* EDR May #11 2022 People waiting in ambush

0707 A blue BMW ambushed me.
* This car followed us for about 500 meters and then moved away.
* This woman asked me how far it is to walk from Odawara Station to Odawara Castle. It is a characteristic of stalkers that they ask every single insignificant question. This location is not Odawara.
* The man with the hat at the ticket gate followed me.
* But when I entered the store he disappeared.
* When I left the ticket gate, the woman arrived and I ambushed her.
* The woman turned around and confirmed my presence.
* The woman left alone in a cab. There was no point in being at the ticket gate.

I suffer from physical ailments caused by being irradiated with something day and night. U.S. embassy staff and CIA employees have been complaining of what they believe to be electromagnetic wave attacks in several countries around the world. Japan should resolve this situation as soon as possible.

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