* EDR January #17_19 2023 Black Jimny Sierra

Jan. 17th 0854 A black Jimny Sierra passed by. This vehicle appeared in front of the house on February 10, 2022 and followed me on February 14, 2022.
1521 Ni***no stopped in front of my house and pet his dog.
Jan. 18th One of the characteristics of those who follow me around in the store is the time they stop moving to check my movements.
Jan. 18th A man and woman followed me around in the store. Came to see my settlement amount.
Jan. 19th 1138 Police vehicle passed.
1905 Aircraft noise sounded.
* The car appeared at the right time.
* A short distance ahead, the car stopped on the right side.

I suffer from physical ailments caused by being irradiated with something day and night. U.S. embassy staff and CIA employees have been complaining of what they believe to be electromagnetic wave attacks in several countries around the world. Japan should resolve this situation as soon as possible.

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