* EDR June #10 2021 Three Planes Flew Nearby

☆ I am suffering from electromagnetic wave attack now on progress.
0:02 Two airplanes flew low.
0:41 Unknown people stopped to talked at my house.
0:52 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
0:57 Marui Energy’s vehicle #1 stopped.
0:59 Marui Energy’s vehicle #2 stopped.
1:02 Marui Energy’s vehicle #3 stopped.
I peeked to see what the man from the company was doing and the man turned his head away. The man wearing sunglasses got into the car and started the engine but didn’t start it right away.
1:36 A man was waiting for me until I arrived at the store.
2:54 The airplane flew

Night and day, I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubious noise.
Group stalking (Group Bullying)is the harassment of a large number of people by following, monitoring, and stalking them, and it is said that a certain religious group is the main force behind this.
It has been publicized in books written by former members of the cult, as well as in the campaign speeches of political party representatives who claim to have heard about it from cult members.
On the Internet, we can see posts by the perpetrators saying that the victims are suffering from a certain mental illness, but it is unnatural for them to take the trouble to deny the existence of group stalking, saying that it is a delusion.

The victims are tormented by large-scale harassment, including small plays called “street theater” by residents and workers, scaffolding and helicopters to generate noise, and electromagnetic attacks.

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