* EDR January #31 2020 Aircraft’s Noise Sounded

0:03 Zig Zag Walking Man appeared.
0:12 An unknown cars appeared.
0:30 Shibainu Man passed.
0:35 Two airplanes’ noise sounded.
0:48 A helicopter’s noise sounded nearby.
1:32 Shokusan Ukiyama’s car passed.
1:37 Aircraft’s noise sounded.
2:00 The talkative woman S passed.
2:03 An unfamiliar showy hair person passed.
2:09 Gardener Mr.I came to the B’s house across the street.
2:14 Mr.I exchanged plastic chains broken by Mr.O.
2:25 Mr.I left there.
2:31 The woman wearing black rimmed glasses and a dog passed.

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