* EDR December #15 2019 Dubious People Appeared

0:04 Street Theater : People started taking photos meaninglessly.
0:51 The O’s car passed.
0:59 The O’s car passed.
1:05 The O’s car passed.
1:11 The O’s car passed.
1:20 The O’s car passed.
1:26 A woman who carried a dog on a stroller passed.
1:32 The umbrella woman and a man passed. I guess their name is S.
1:40 The umbrella woman and a man passed again.
1:51 The third generation Zig Zag Walking Man passed. This man’s name is probably S, too.
1:56 The O’s car passed.
The electric magnetic wave attacks last at night.The way I see it, electric source for this attack is a portable one.

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