* EDR October #26 2019 “Watch Me !” People Appeared

0:03 A car that stopped at my house had appeared and passed again after one minute.
0:34 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
0:46 An unfamiliar SUV car had passed at my house and had stopped a little ahead
1:05 When a man found me, the man stopped and grinned at me. In spite of only one road, he looked at his tab and said “which way to go?”
1:32 The woman’s face was stiff. She must hadn’t wanted to be involved in such a thing.
1:39 Unfamiliar cars appeared.
1:50 One of them had stopped halfway. And then the car started moving and left there.
1:58 An unfamiliar car column passed by my place.
2:02 The column passed by my place again.

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