* EDR February #3 2019 Strange People Appeared

0:03 An unfamiliar man passed.
0:11 My neighbor’s noise sounded.
0:16 An unfamiliar man passed.
0:30 When I go there, I often run into a car-washing men.
0:44 The man wash was washing only the roof.
0:52 At the same time, the mowing noise sounded.
1:07 The man was washing only the roof from a while ago. It was because he pretended to do it and watched what I had been doing.
1:20 The man watched me.
1:28 A white car’s driver left there in a hurry as soon as I moved closer.
2:23 That car appeared 600 meters to the south of there at 14:40. It seemed to cost seven minutes to move.
2:42 The 1st generation Zig Zag Walking Man appeared.
2:52 Unnatural people who wouldn’t show their faces appeared.
3:15 Anyway the man made a noise.

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