* EDR November #20 2019 Noise In The Neighborhood

0:03 The woman wearing glasses passed.
0:07 A white car made a round trip within a minute.
0:25 An unknown man passed.
0:33 Today’s noise source No.1.
0:42 A car whose name was Madorie had parked.
0:53 A taxi appeared in good timing.
0:56 An unfamiliar man was there.
1:02 Today’s noise source No.2.
1:30 It was not obvious for the car to park there for a long time.
1:45 The second generation Shibainu Man appeared.
1:58 A car which had only one light appeared.
2:11 Street Theater:Two people showed me a trivial quarrel. “You said I have something to buy, right?” “I forgot it.” It is unnatural for them to talk about such a thing after they arrived at the store.

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