* EDR October #23 2019 The Noise Of A Gardener And Aircraft Sounded

0:03 The gardener, Mr.I appeared at the house across the street again. His visiting there had counted as much as eighteen times since twenty eighth of June.
0:11 The noise made by Mr.I had started.
0:15 The noise of helicopter sounded around there.
0:44 The noise of airplane sounded.
0:54 The noise of leaf blower had sounded.
1:31 A noisy big vehicle had passed by my place.
1:40 The umbrella woman and a man passed by my place.
1:43 Mr.I who was a gardener had withdrawn from the site.
1:47 The woman wearing black flame glassed and a dog passed by my place.
Today as much as forty one vehicles and at least two aircraft passed or flew near my place.

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