* EDR July #8 2019 Noisy Gardener Appeared

0:02 An unknown man passed.
0:16 The square face woman passed.
0:23 My neighbor Mr O’s car passed.
0:24 The gardener of the house across the street appeared.
0:44 Somehow he turned the truck.
1:10 A blown car passed.
1:16 One minute later, the car passed again.
1:38 The gardener withdrew the garden.
1:59 My neighbor Mr.O started working in the garden.
I won’t forgive them because they were loud when my mother was resting.
2:40 An unfamiliar man and dog passed by my place.
2:48 The usual gas company truck passed.
2:50 My neighbor passed by my place.
2:58 There was a suspicious car, so I let him go.
3:22 An unknown gray hair woman passed.
3:27 My neighbor passed by my place.
3:34 My neighbor passed by my place.

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