* EDR June #19 2022 Woman who followed me

1123 A stranger made a U-turn in front of the camera.
1814 Secom car passed.
1814-1816 It passed again.
0812 Police vehicle passed by the house.
1150 A vehicle with 3333 license plate number without company name passed by.
* Young people were making noise nearby.
0449 Police vehicle passed by the house.
* The woman who had ambushed me entered the store at the same time as me.
* There was no sign that she had shopped. She came out of the store at the same time I walked away.

I suffer from physical ailments caused by being irradiated with something day and night. U.S. embassy staff and CIA employees have been complaining of what they believe to be electromagnetic wave attacks in several countries around the world. Japan should resolve this situation as soon as possible.

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