* EDR January #13 2022 Stalkers In The Station

※  The video is available to friends only. Please contact me.

* As I approached the door of the station office, a male station employee, I***e, came out of the service entrance in full gear except for his cap.
* As I passed in front of the ticket gate, H***no squatted down from the ticket gate and peeked out to look at me.
*  Assistant M******ki was standing in front of car 3 with a ramp, and I***e was standing in front of car 1 with a wheelchair. They immediately moved to car 6. By showing this little play, every time the victim sees the ramp and the wheelchair, she suspects that it is the assailant. This is the process of imprinting the suggestion of harassment on the victim.
*  When I entered the station office, I***e was there, but as soon as he saw me, he left. It was an ambush harassment.

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