* Harassment by Maxvalu employees 2020_1

May 16th 2020 10:40 O, the delicatessen manager, comes into the break room. I’m not sure what he was doing.
May 26th 2020 Community Assistant Manager F came into the break room. After talking with Daily Section H and Fisheries Section K, he left.
June 1st 2020 11:00 コHe came into the break room and talked with me about the news about commercial rockets and then left.
June 5th 2020 N, the delivery person, went into the break room, took off his jacket and left, wearing heavy clothes even though it was June.
June 12th 2020 11:35 M, the deli attendant, walked into the break room and left after about 20 seconds.
June 13th 2020 10:55 O, the non-food attendant, went outdoors from in front of the break room, carried something out and came back.

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