EDR September #6_8 2021 A man hinting at me

* A police vehicle passed.
* A truck that conveyed nothing passed.
* A police vehicle passed.
* A police vehicle passed.
6:52 I went to work, holding garbage.
8:47 The stranger mumbled, “He’s very thorough when it comes to taking out the trash,” he hinted.
* A police vehicle passed.
* I heard mowing near my office, but the grass was not cut.
* Two strange men stalked me around.
* As I arrived at the store, a woman appeared.
* The woman did not want to finish her shopping.
* The other suspicious woman didn’t finish her shopping either.
* She took her time bagging and didn’t leave right away.
* A suspicious man looking at me without shopping.

Day and night, I have been feeling ill from being irradiated with something.

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