* EDR March #26 2021 Gang Stalkers Are Discarded Pawns With No Initiative

0:01 A view of the construction site in the neighborhood. Construction has been going on since January of this year, but it’s not over yet.
0:20 This is typical finger pointing by stalkers. It was an act to imply that they were monitoring my actions.
1:28 An unfamiliar man appeared nearby, pretending to photograph the cherry blossoms. Since no young people live nearby, their presence is very noticeable.
1:55 An unknown car came out of the villa. The car’s license plate number was 6666, implying that I was being watched.
2:28 A suspicious vehicle appeared in the area where the city hall facility is located. When I tried to check the driver’s face, the woman turned towards the passenger seat. The woman eventually left the scene immediately.
4:20 A suspicious car appeared at the intersection, waiting to ambush me.
5:53 Two landscapers who make noise when I approach.

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