* EDR January #15 2021 Dubious Allion Appeared

0:05 The cleaning by the management company starts in front of my house.
0:40 Marui Energy’s vehicle passed.
0:51 A Silver Allion passed.
1:07 It passed again. The man in the passenger seat was looking at the camera.
2:01 N took the trouble to hold the dog in front of the camera.Behind the man the allion moved.
2:18 The Allion passed by my house for the 3rd time.
2:27 Two unknown bikes passed.
2:38 The Allion passed by my house for the fourth time.
2:40 Marui Energy’s vehicle passed. 
2:45 Yamato Transportation’s vehicle passed.
2:52 An unknown man passed.
2:58 Marui Energy’s vehicle passed.

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