* EDR November #26 2020 Noise on my day off

9:00 My neighbor O’s car had stopped in front of my house.
9:00 On my day off from work, the sound of a chainsaw in the neighborhood began. The noise had been continuing intermittently from 8:55 to 9:37 a.m.

The noise in the neighborhood was terrible, even though I was off work.

0:04 Today’s noise source #1: Shizuoka Landscaping was making noise from morning to evening.
0:36 The road is blocked by a sign that says “Yoshitakeen”. We could not get close to the noise source.
1:00 There are always various cars parked here and it is unclear what building.
2:15 There was a suspicious car with no engine and only lights on.
2:26 You can only hear the noise from here. Pay attention to the volume.

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