* EDR October #15 2020 Retirement Day

0:03 The garderner I came to the house across the street.
0:05 The gardener left there.
0:11 A black SUV made a round trip in a short time.
I quit my job on the 15th.
I resigned after being stalked by various departments. There were 22 people involved and they were from all departments.
These people, when the cashier’s support was broadcasted, did not actively go to the register, but only accomplished the act of stalking.
I could tell right away when they started, as they had done so at my former workplace (a post office in Tokyo’s Nishitama area and a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) lodging facility in Shizuoka Prefecture).
So there is only one possible revenge in these establishments. You learn the job hard, get trusted with it, and then leave. But there was no point in trying to learn the job.
 As I wrote in my blog, when you harass others in a group, the guilt is dispersed and you don’t feel guilty about it. You don’t feel like you’re doing anything wrong because your individual actions themselves are nothing serious.

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