* EDR July #21 2020 Some Vehicles Appeared Again

0:03 Sakutei Inabaen’s truck was parked.
0:18 The pink truck that had passed in front of my house appeared.
0:34 The blue car that had run into me twice a day appeared.
0:48 Yamato Transport’s truck passed.
0:54 Masuko’s truck passed.
0:58 A big truck passed.
1:04 The big truck passed.
1:09 Tabata Kensetsu’s truck passed.
1:12 Tabata Kensetsu’s truck passed.
1:18 Tabata Kensetsu’s truck passed.
1:33 SF’s wife passed.
1:50 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
2:15 Yamato Transport’s truck passed.

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