* EDR May #27 2020 The Noise In The Neighborhood

0:02 The resource of the noise yesterday there.
0:21 A truck that carried nothing passed.
0:30 Aircraft’s noise sounded.
0:37 The noise of chainsaw sounded in the neighborhood.
0:54 Yamato Transport’s truck passed.
0:58 A big truck passed.
1:01 A big truck passed.
1:08 A post office’s car appeared. The driver had stayed for about seven minutes, but he hadn’t finished delivering at last.
2:30 A woman and a black dog stood at the corner of the street. They followed me but disappeared after that.
2:53 Today’s resource of the noise there. There were a car and truck. That truck had passed deliberately in front of my house.
3:12 Why did he pass in front of my house over and over.
3:26 Four airplanes flew nearby.
4:03 The smiling woman passed.

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