* EDR April #21 2020 The People Who Won’t Voluntarily Refrain From Stalking

0:02 A state of a free parking lot that is prohibited to use due to Corona Virus measures. Some stalkers must stay still like here.
0:40 This is WISH’s owner who had hung about near my house.
0:48 Steet Theater:An unknown couple stopped at my house on purpose.
1:05 Shibainu Man Y passed.
1:12 An unknown man hung about.
1:21 After I arrived at home, my neighbor’s noise started.
1:49 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
1:58 A helicopter flew nearby.
2:42 N.N.passed.
2:45 Yamato Transport’s truck passed.
2:53 An unknown couple hang about.
3:05 An unknown man hang about.
3:09 A helicopter flew nearby.

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