* EDR April #9 2020 Unknown People Won’t Be Afraid Of Corona Virus

0:03 An unknown woman passed.
0:11 Two unfamiliar men passed.
0:21 Marui Energy’s truck passed.
0:27 An unknown man passed.
0:32 A post office person pointed to something.
0:37 N.H. and the woman wearing a pink cap passed.
0:44 My neighbor’s noise sounded.
1:07 The Grinning And Staring Man and a woman who walked a stroller passed.
1:18 Yamato Transport’s truck passed in a short time.
1:29 an unknown couple passed.
1:37 N.N. passed.
1:47 An unknown woman and a Shibainu passed.
1:55 An unfamiliar woman passed.
Night and day I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubiou noise.

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