* EDR April #3 2020 Traffic Obstruction

0:02 A car that appeared in good timing had left the private area without shopping.
0:14 The no greeting man left in a hurry.
0:30 An unknown man passed.
0:39 An unknown couple appeared.
0:52 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
1:17 An unknown man and two dogs appeared.
1:24 A woman driver turned right without slowing down.
1:40 A car appeared in good timing.
2:11 An unknown couple passed.
2:29 The woman who walked a Toy Poodle passed.
2:58 Shibainu Woman passed.
3:14 An unknown car made a round trip in short time.
3:28 My neighbor O’s wife passed.
3:36 The woman came closer to the camera.
3:44 An unknown couple passed.
Night and day I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubiou noise.

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