* EDR March #22 2020 Noisy Families Appeared

0:03 The woma wearing glasses and a hat passed.
0:06 The woman passed again.
0:09 N.H. and her friend passed.
0:25 Parents who made a child cry in front of my house passed.
0:41 Parents who made a child play in front of my house poassed.
0:59 An unknown family passed.
1:05 The singing man passed.
1:10 The car which appeared as soon as I went outside passed by my house.
1:21 My neighbor O ran and appeared.
1:29 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
1:52 Yamato Transport’s truck passed.
1:56 The mother who made her child cry made her children make a fuss.
2:02 The mowing by the noisy family started.
2:09 The noisy family left for Tokyo.
Night and day, I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubious noise.

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