* EDR Feburuary #12 2020 Organized Crime By Some Group

0:02 An unknown person passed.
0:08 The restless man passed.
0:11 The restless man passed again.
0:18 An unknown person passed.
0:24 An unfamiliar couple passed.
0:39 An unknown person passed.
0:47 An unfamiliar couple passed.
0:54 An unknown man passed.
1:02 A dubious car stopped.
1:11 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
1:33 An unfamiliar couple pointed to something and passed.
1:43 An unfamiliar couple passed.
1:59 A white truck made a round trip in a minute.
2:15 An unknown black car passed three times.
 Gang Stalkers are suspected of organized crime by some organization. If the group are related to this crime, you can understand many people take part in such terrible behaviors.
 I get some attacks(electromagnetic wave, sonic and so on) whenever it’s night and day. I get the torture every single day. Residents around my house, please pay attention about people or vehicles you feel something weird.

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