* EDR February #1 2020 Active Neighbor Mr.O’s and Helicopters’ Noise Sounded

0:04 My neighbor Mr.O’s noise sounded.
0:19 Did the white truck which carried nothing pass for the sake of yesterday’s revenge? The purpose of the truck’s staying was not clear.
0:37 HelicopterU’s noise sounded.
0:49 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
1:07 Helicopter’s noise sounded.
1:17 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
1:23 An unknown man passed.
1:34 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
1:36 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
1:51 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
1:56 The following man is my colleague.
2:00 Mr. and Mrs. S passed. The talkative woman and her husband.
2:09 This man sometimes ask me my privacy suddenly. What this man asked me while working is “Where is your family’s grave?” “Have you ever worked in another prefecture?” “Where is the funeral taken place?”
2:32 My neighbor O’s noise sounded.
2:45 The O’s car passed.
The car made a u-turn and passed again.
Mr.O’s company run a pharmacy in Tokyo. It engages in prescription and medication instruction based on prescriptions, ordering of medicines and inventory control. In addition, it operates beef tongue specialty store as restaurant business. His wife is a president of the company.

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