* EDR January #13 2020 Scaffolding Day

0:13 A man holding a golf club appeared.
0:20 Routine noise made by my neighbor sounded.
0:24 Toda’s noise source appeared. For the sake of making noise, they passed, backed up and returned.
0:54 Vehicles make useless movements to make noise.
1:41 The driver wouldn’t stop the engine.

You may hear big noise at 1:45.
2:15 A helicopter’s noise sounded for about one minute.

0:45 Two bicycles appeared in good timing.
1:03 A man averted his face.
1:31 The woman who had passed in front of my house on Jan 2nd this year appeared.
1:37 A suspicious woman appeared ahead.
2:59 A helicopter’s noise sounded.
3:20 A helicopter’s noise sounded.

Part of noise at normal speed.

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