* EDR September #1 2019 Unfamiliar People Passed

0:06 A dubious car stopped near my place.
0:25 An unfamiliar woman passed.
0:38 The woman passed again.
8:47 A woman wearing glasses and hat passed.
9:07 The talkative woman’s car passed on purpose.
0:55 A helicopter noise sounded.
1:05 Mr.O’s wife ran only in front of my place.
1:25 Mr.O’s car passed.He did something to make noise in his garden this morining.
1:34 A helicopter noise sounded.
1:56 An unknown couple and dog passed.
2:11 The woman who stopped around nobody’s home yesterday passed.
2:22 Mr.O’s car passed.
2:23 An unfamiliar man passed.
2:27 Mr.O’s car passed.
2:32 A couple were conscious about cameras and passed.
2:47 Mr.O’s car passed.
2:51 Mr.O’s car passed.

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