* EDR August #17 2019 Street Theater : Fake Existence

If there were people who were born and alive to harass others, it would be very disappointing.
0:03 An unknown man passed.
0:05 An unknown man passed again.
0:16 The unknown old man passed.
0:23 Some of stalkers by walking a dog or child disguise themselves as being not suspicious by a third party.
0:31 An unfamiliar man passed.
0:38 An old woman wearing glasses and hat passed.
0:52 Street Theater: A man turned around in front of my house.The unfamiliar people who pass by my place are very conscious about the existence of cameras.
1:25  An unfamiliar woman and dog passed.
1:40 The flashlight man passed.
1:55 The flashlight man passed again.

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