* EDR May #10 2019 Noise Campaign and Street Theater

0:06 unknown man passed.
0:12 unknown man passed.
0:19 A big truck made a round trip in a short time.
0:29 Big trucks that didn’t need to pass there passed.
0:44 An airplane flew over my place.
1:03 Today’s noise generator #1.
1:21 Today’s noise generator #2.
1:42 Big vehicles which passed by my place this morning had gathered there.
2:48 Street Theater (playacting) was performed by an unknown man.
3:36 A white car passed, but it made u-turn later and overtook me.
3:51 A man wearing white shirt was behind a Prius will come to my house later.
4:16 The man who got off the car had come to my house. But he did nothing even called me on the intercom or delivered something and had disappeared.
5:12 An unknown woman and dog.
 It looks like a company named Kisa ,limited company located in Kannami-cho Tagata-gun Shizuoka Prefecture, which took over the large vehicles. They passed in front of my house on March 8th. Two months have passed, but when will that house be completed ?
When you enter private areas and cause people to suffer from noise and vibration it is an infringement of Article 13 (the right to pursue happiness) and article 25 (the right to survive) . If you are a corporation, please follow the law.

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