* EDR April #7 2019 Suspicious Cars and Grinning Man and so on

0:05 Unknown man passed.
0:18 Suspicious car went back and forth.
0:26 Staring at my house and searching for something, a man passed by my place.
0:45 A man riding a bike I’ve never seen passed by my house.
0:55 Unknown showy car went back and forth.
1:09 Unfamiliar man passed.
1:18 Unfamiliar couple passed and stared at my place.
1:37 A car that stood for sales company went back and forth.
1:51 Unknown man passed.
2:13 Unfamiliar showy car passed.
2:31 Usual old man with a stick was wearing a mask and sunglasses.
2:55 A woman asked me the way to the station.
3:29 Shibainu Man appeared and averted his face.
3:42 About ten minutes later, the woman stayed yet and asked the same thing.

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