* EDR April #6 Noise Near Workplace

This is a noise video. You can use it as an alibi.
The construction work started near my office around 11:55 p.m. when I finished my work, and ended about 35 minutes later, at 0:29 a.m. I guess they were waiting for me to finish my work. I guess they were waiting for me to finish my work.
The construction was done by Mimori Sogyo Co. The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is responsible for the licensing of this type of work.
The Minister has been a member of the New Komeito Party for a long time.

* EDR March 22-25 2021 Unstable Environment

2:38 Live Stream starts.
3:07 A man pretends to be shopping and is watching my every move. The only reason he is not moving is because he has my figure in his field of vision.
3:41 A white truck that appears frequently. Izu 400 Sa 5616 and 7101 white light truck Hijet parked at a neighbor’s house on February 21, 2020.
5:34 These two construction sites have been in operation since January 9, 2021, but I wonder how long they will last.
5:56 S and his wife panic when I go outside. If they
were just taking a walk, there was no need to panic.
6:42 A man and woman I don’t know pass by my house, but then turn away when they pass me.
7:10 A car appears driving the wrong way down a one-way street. The license plate is Izu 580 Su 8557.
7:23 The gardener I appeared at the house across the street.
7:34 Tabata Kensetsu’s truck passed by.
7:46 A strange man approaches the camera.
March the 22nd The white truck that appear frequently. A white Hi-Zetto small truck, stopped in my neighborhood on February 21, 2020.
These two construction sites have been in operation since January 9, 2021, but I wonder how long they will continue.
9:10 Aircraft flew nearby.
12:30 On acoustic weapons attacks.

* EDR March #20-21 2021 Unproductive People

Live streaming today.
See the unproductive people who were born to harass us.
0:20 Whenever I get on the train, there are people who follow me.
1:55 The cab driver had stopped his car in an unnatural place to monitor my activities.
4:28 There was a group of young people at the rental car office who refused to leave.

* 20210310 一般的な集団ストーカーのメンバー

0:03 私が近づくと男が騒音を出した。落ち葉などないのにブロワーを使っていた。
0:33 本日の工事現場は4箇所でした。
0:51 2017年12月3日に家の前に現れた不審者の家を発見した。
1:01 私の到着と同時に店内に入る女。
1:54 その女が私の後ろに並んだ。
2:20 私が列から外れると女はこちらを見ていた。
2:40 ここまでもの惜しげに見る人も珍しい。
2:58 C-cubeの車が通過する。
3:05 見慣れぬトラックが4回通過。
3:15 カーキ色のヘリが近くを飛ぶ。
3:32 航空機の音がする。


* EDR March #10 2021 General Gang Stalkers Appeared

0:03 The man made noise as I approached. He was using a blower even though there were no fallen leaves.
0:33 There were four construction sites today.
0:51 I found a suspicious house that appeared in front of my house on December 3, 2017.
1:01 A woman enters the store upon my arrival.
1:13 The woman who entered the store joined two other women.
1:54 The woman lined up behind me.
2:20 When I stepped out of line, the woman looked at me.
2:40 It’s rare to find someone who looks at you with so much regret.
2:58 The C-Cube’s car passed twice.
3:05 It was four times that the truck passed by the house.
3:15 A khaki helicopter flew nearby.
3:32 Aircraft’s noise sounded.
Night and day, I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubious noise.

* 20210307 ヘリコプタが近くを飛行する

0:03 見知らぬ車「相模334て910」黒のスバルが通過。
0:20 ヘリが近くを飛んだ。
0:50 パトカーが通過。
0:59 見知らぬ男が家の前で大声を出す。
1:15 タクシーが1分で往復。
1:31 黒縁メガネの女が私を見ると消えたがすぐに出てきた。