* EDR February #21 2021 My neighbor’s noise

0:04 A taxi passed.
0:07 An unfamiliar man and a woman passed by my house.
0:15 A Honda with a license plate number of 17 passed us.
0:19 The man in the red shirt left without refueling.
0:39 I seldom see the homeowners, but the cleaners and others often come and go.
0:48 The man and a woman passed by my house.
0:53 A taxi went back and forth. The man and woman from earlier were in the car.
1:05 An orange colored March with a license plate numer 5074 passed.
1:11 The car passed again.
1:15 N-no passed with his dog. He was running around laughing.
1:25 Here’s the noise from the neighbors.
1:29 Noise from neighbor O began.
Night and day, I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubious noise.

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