* EDR September #10 2020 The management company’s cars wandered around

0:02 An unknown couple passed and stopped at the camera deliberately.
0:30 They thoroughly averted their faces from the camera and pretended to pointing to something.
0:48 The management company’s car stopped. He pretended to investigate something but didn’t enter the premises.
1:42 The management company’s car passed by.
1:47 Today’s noise source #1.
1:53 I passed the management company’s truck nearby my house.
2:02 The management company’s vehicles were gathered there.
2:13 Today’s noise resource No.2. It was Day 10 of painting work.
2:33 The truck passed by.
2:43 The truck passed by.
2:47 12:03 12:12 13:16 13:56 16:09 16:22 17:34 The O family’s car passed seven times.

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