* EDR April #7 2020 Dubious Gardener Appeared 

0:03 An unknown man and a black dog passed.
0:11 N.N. passed and didn’t accompany his wife.
0:20 An unknown woman passed.
0:32 An unknown woman passed.
0:42 The woman passed again.
0:54 An unfamiliar couple passed.
1:06 Yamato Transport’s truck passed.
1:10 The unfamiliar couple passed again.
1:20 Gardener I took out something from the house across the street.
1:55 Mr.I left there.
2:04 An unknown man passed.
2:14 Marui Energy’s truck passed.
2:18 Aircraft’s noise sounded.
I suffer from tinnitus and numbness by the dubious noise.

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