* EDR June #14 2019 Gas Company Cars Frequently passed

0:05 A square face woman passed.
0:19 An unknown man passed.
0:22 An unknown man passed.
0:29 Unfamiliar two cars passed.
0:44 An unfamiliar car passed.
0:50 Marui Energy car passed No.1.
1:05 Helicopter noise sounded.
1:18 The company car passed for the second time.
1:24 The company car passed for the third time.
1:40 An unknown woman suspiciously passed by my house.
1:59 The car unnecessarily passed by my house. After all, the car passed on purpose.
2:05 Carrying nothing, Tabata Kensetsu construction company truck passed by my place on purpose.
2:16 Some dubious people don’t like to being recorded by the camera.
2:27 A woman with a Labrador Retriever passed.
2:39 An unknown man passed again.
2:43 A dubious car stopped still.
2:59 A car suddenly stopped.
3:15 A square face woman made a round trip in a minute.
★ Entries about the gas company
★ I advised that it is an illegal act in the word-of-mouth section of Google Map to the several companies that had passed several times by car or truck.

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